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Regulatory and compliance can be a tricky part of your business, wading your way through a sea of alphabet soup, trying to understand legal legislation dealing with your business practices. Trying to figure this out by yourself or hiring an experienced employee will cost you a lot of money and time. Let our trained experts help you ensure your business is meeting all the required regulations. 

We customize our solutions to match your needs: internal self checks, gap analysis, developing procedures, writing programs, required training, certified third party food safety audits, lab testing, and more. Whether it is something simple, like validating your current program, or starting from the ground up, we can help manage your risk! 

Click below for more information on common Regulatory and Compliance agencies used in tea ingredients and finished goods. 


Getting your products certified can be a challenging endeavor. Each certification company has their own rules and regulations; some of which are driven by US legislation. 

Often times, completing the application is simply the first step. Then, you'll be required to ensure your packaging and ingredients, as well as production process and warehouse storage all follow the necessary guidelines. 

This almost always means updating or creating new processes and procedures, and new training policies. Afterward, you can expect to see the certifier for their audit as well as any governing regulations. Some certifiers also require ongoing reporting to maintain good standing, which could lead to higher costs if not done correctly. Spend your time focusing on your business, and let us manage your certifications for you. 

USDA Organic, Kosher Certifications, Fair Trade, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Rain Forest Alliance, Halal, and more. We can help get your products certified and source the products you need to meet your taste and certification requirements!

Click below for more information on these agencies often used in blending teas.